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Website Hacking

Do you have a website maintenance plan in place for your website? If not, you put yourself at risk for a website hack. Without website maintenance like website backups and security additions, your website can begin to look frayed. Broken links, slow pages, and website hacks are all signs that your website could use maintenance.

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We had a great time learning about a variety of topics at last week’s Meet Magento Baltics. Alongside the global Magento community, we learned about ecommerce conversion rate optimization, PWA technologies, B2B ecommerce sales, security, and global growth. We Examined.     We Heard From. By speaking with a few speakers after their talks, we[…]

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With so many CMSs available on the market, it can be difficult to choose between Wix, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and more. Luckily, we’re showing why Wordpress is most likely the best choice for you. We recommend Wordpress because it can grow with your business and it is an affordable and reliable way to grow.

Responsive Website Design_Musu Restaurant Example

The MuSu Restaurant is a contemporary and luxurious restaurant that has grown substantially in the past year. MuSu restaurant brings local and international tastes together to create a new sensory experience for their visitors. In the cozy, yet elegant space MuSu’s visitors may find themselves feeling at home with strangers. The restaurant’s growth required their website to grow with them.

Website management is a must for all websites. Your car needs annual repairs. Your home needs renovations annually. Your body visits the doctor (and a dentist) every year. There is a need for maintenance and upkeep in all areas of our lives. Discover how website management can improve your site immediately!

Shopify vs WordPress Shopify is Best for: Shopify Website Setup Setting up a Shopify website is very easy. Unfortunately, Shopify does not offer a wide variety of free templates. Luckily, any of those free templates can be a great start for your ecommerce website. The benefit of setting up a Shopify website is that everything[…]

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Online, Shopify makes creating, designing, and marketing your website easy. Did you know Shopify is great for in person stores too? We love Shopify for online ecommerce websites, and business that have brick and mortar stores too. Shopify makes creating a branded and beautiful website easy and quick.