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Spice up your website by redesigning it!

Every website could use a glam-up from time to time. That way, you are keeping you clients happy and intrigued as well as get some new clients! Do keep in mind the design aspects that have worked for you before or are still working, and try enhancing those areas!

Boost Your Sales

Website Design - Before and After for Noor Keraamik

As your company grows and changes with time, so will your site. The best way to determine how well your website is performing is through your customers’ experience. By listening to your customers’ complaints, suggestions, and compliments you can build new site functionality (e.g. a blog section, how-to videos, an improved ecommerce store), or improve your site’s design to better capture sales.

Special Offers

Ecommerce Promotions for Põrandakeskus

Special offers, promotions, and discount programs will keep your business competitive. Short and long-term special promotions can be boosted through online promotion on your website. By scheduling special ecommerce updates for your website you can bring unique flair to your website. From time to time, it’s a fantastic idea to offer special deals or maybe discount codes to your customers; that way they feel cared about and will not forget about your business!

Add New Products

Product Additions - Website Redesign

Add new products; this way your customers will keep on coming back to see what is new. You could also run an email campaign for the added products. Unless the customer comes by your website daily, an informative email about new offers is a sure way to let them know!

Keep Your Website Secure and Speedy

Site Testing

Our website maintenance services include website testing. Website testing prevents your site from having broken links and pages that build the credibility and reputation of your brand for site visitors. Your site should also work properly on any of the browsers your clients may use to reach your site. By ensuring browser compatibility, you can feel confident that you won’t lose business due to website issues and every user gets a fantastic experience!

CMS Upgrades

A proper site upgrade will prevent your website from beginning with a beautiful design that begins to decay with time. Site upgrades keep your website functioning as it was designed to. These upgrades can prevent the accumulation of website bugs, error pages, and broken links that make your online store appear to be untrustworthy.

Website Backups

Website backups are an insurance all websites need. If your website is hacked, or becomes infected, you will most likely have to rebuild your website from scratch – a timely and costly affair. Site backups allow you to revert to a previous version of your website. In the case that your site does become hacked, you can easily bounce backwards in time as if nothing happened. Without site backups, an incident like this may cause your site to be broken for several days or weeks.

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