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Reach Records has found an e-mail automation strategy to succeed. This strategy initially appeared in the e-mail sent by MailChimp – here’s a short 4-step summary of it: Welcome New Customers One hour after opting into the mailing list, customers receive a welcome email. Twenty-four hours after that first email goes out, the team offers a[…]

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A chatbot is a software application that simulates conversation or interactions with real people. AI chatbots and Facebook chatbots are both being used to help customers in need of sales or technical support. Discover more about chatbots and how your business can use them in 2018 to improve sales and your customer service.

Responsive Website Design_Musu Restaurant Example

The MuSu Restaurant is a contemporary and luxurious restaurant that has grown substantially in the past year. MuSu restaurant brings local and international tastes together to create a new sensory experience for their visitors. In the cozy, yet elegant space MuSu’s visitors may find themselves feeling at home with strangers. The restaurant’s growth required their website to grow with them.

Website management is a must for all websites. Your car needs annual repairs. Your home needs renovations annually. Your body visits the doctor (and a dentist) every year. There is a need for maintenance and upkeep in all areas of our lives. Discover how website management can improve your site immediately!

Wordpress powers over 28% of the web, but what do you know about the CMS? We’re sharing answers to the Wordpress questions most business owners are afraid to ask including: Why choose Wordpress? Who is Wordpress best for? and What is Wordpress?