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The allure of the digital marketplace has captivated entrepreneurs worldwide, transforming e-commerce into a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. As the world embraces the convenience and accessibility of online shopping, the opportunities to establish successful e-commerce ventures have multiplied. Venturing into the world of e-commerce can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but it also demands[…]

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Our team is searching for a fantastic new Magento Developer! Want to join?   ✔ 2+ years of Magento 2.x experience? ✔ Desire to grow professionally in the field? ✔ Want to work with a friendly and fun team each day?   Included Benefits Respectful, friendly, supportive, and diverse work environment. Flexible, results-based schedule and[…]

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abandoned shopping cart

Foreword Abandoned shopping carts are an important but often overlooked topic for e-commerce store owners. Goal:My goal with this article is to shine some light and tips regarding abandoned shopping carts and their recovery. This topic itself is massive but I respect your time and will try to keep it reasonably short. In this article,[…]

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Website Hacking

Do you have a website maintenance plan in place for your website? If not, you put yourself at risk for a website hack. Without website maintenance like website backups and security additions, your website can begin to look frayed. Broken links, slow pages, and website hacks are all signs that your website could use maintenance.

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We had a great time learning about a variety of topics at last week’s Meet Magento Baltics. Alongside the global Magento community, we learned about ecommerce conversion rate optimization, PWA technologies, B2B ecommerce sales, security, and global growth. We Examined.     We Heard From. By speaking with a few speakers after their talks, we[…]

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