5 Ways Online Clothing Stores Can Capture More Mobile Sales

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The majority of ecommerce sales are made using mobile devices. Creating a responsive website that looks nice on mobile is a great start. Although, once this box has been ticked, how can you improve your mobile sales even more? We’re sharing 5 creative ways you can capture more sales by leveraging the power of mobile.

1. Don’t Assume Customers See Everything

When we write a story, we expect the reader to see the beginning, middle, and end of it. We assume the same for our ecommerce stores. Actually, user studies show that most people view only the top and bottom of your site. To improve mobile sales, focus on showcasing key products “above the fold” of your homepage. For example, this might include a thin sales banner with key shopping takeaways, an image slider, and a new arrivals section just below it. In a one second view of your site, the customer has already learned about shipping costs, current sales, and what is up and coming in your store. At the bottom of your page, highlight your store’s best sellers so customers continue shopping before leaving the page.


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2. Use Video and GIFs to Capture the Product Experience

To improve mobile sales, consider using videos and GIFs to showcase the product experience. Videos and GIFs can better show the customer’s relief or joy during use. They can also better show how the product can solve a problem for customers. For example, online clothing stores that help customers express themselves, could show the product in an environment that emphasizes how the product helps with self-expression. A great example of video use for ecommerce stores is Storq.com, a maternity online clothing store. Storq.com uses videos to showcase how their maternity wear allows moms to be comfortable and unrestricted during pregnancy. Improve mobile sales in your ecommerce store by offering a more sensory experience online.


3. Make the Add to Cart Button Reachable

On some ecommerce clothing stores, product images, shipping, and detail information can get in the customer’s way. This is especially the case when fitting a lot of content into a mobile view. To make the purchase easy to access for customers, we recommend using an “Add to Cart” button that stays stuck at the bottom of the user’s mobile view. This approach allows the user to add the product to the cart at any time while they continue shopping. Typically, a sticky “Add to Cart” button is not needed on the desktop view. Although for longer product pages on mobile, we especially recommend using a sticky “Add to Cart” button approach.



4. Help Customers Find the Right Fit

One way to improve mobile sales is to better help users find the right clothing and shoe size. Asos created a new tool, Virtusize, to solve this problem. Virtusize is a mobile-friendly tool to help customers feel confident buying products that are the right fit. The tool uses a fun, quiz like approach that helps users find the right fit based on their body type and size, including bust, stomach, chest, and height. Although Virtusize may not be the perfect fit for your site, other ecommerce stores use a similar approach to reduce customer hesitation. For example, Zara uses a similar sizing tool. The user inputs their height, weight, and ideal fit to better understand which product size would best suit for them. Consider creating a custom sizing tool so customers can be sure they are getting the right size. This reduces purchase hesitancy and also reduces the number of product size exchanges.

5. Improve Navigation and Shorten Checkout

In retail stores, customers find the products they need using large signs and smiling people at each entrance. They make sure checking out is quick by having many cashiers on hand to speed up the process. Customers expect a similar speedy and convenient experience from ecommerce stores too. Offer great site navigation by using tools like heatmaps and Google Analytics to connect users to the most important pages.

  1. Find the most important pages for your customers. Note the top 10 pages people visit using Google Analytic data.
  2. Ensure mobile menu navigation helps users quickly access those top 10 pages (e.g. “Returns”, “Store”, or “Contact” pages).
  3. Shorten checkout using one step checkout.
  4. Offer unique payment methods in case they are faster for your customer to use including Amazon Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.
  5. Complete 10 test orders and note which of these approaches will best suit your website.

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There are a number of ways you can increase your ecommerce sales by leveraging the power of mobile. By reviewing your site experience you can often find solutions for an improved mobile experience. Selling to mobile users is like pitching your product to an audience of one. Make your sales pitch memorable, and easy to purchase.

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