SEO audit and optimization

Why SEO audit and optimization?

Gain organic traffic

Stay competitive in Google

Take care of a good user experience

Keep your site in good health

What Is an SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the process of identifying problems or errors that can prevent your site from ranking on Google and other search engines. Multiple parts make up an SEO audit, including:

  • Making sure your site is being correctly crawled, indexed, and rendered by Google
  • Checking your website for on-page SEO problems
  • Examining your off-page SEO for potential issues on others’ sites that relate/link back to your site
  • Verifying that your site has a good user experience (for both mobile and desktop users)
  • Keyword-optimizing your content
  • Combing your website for duplicate or thin content
  • Setting up and maintaining comprehensive reporting to track your website’s performance

SEO audits are crucial to help your site and business avoid:

  • Losing out on organic traffic due to site health issues
  • Losing out on sales opportunities or losing the competitive edge to other brands
  • Having your site improperly indexed (meaning searchers won’t be able to find it)
  • Facing penalties from Google for toxic backlinks

In short, auditing your site can reveal problems that may be costing you traffic and sales – as we know now 75% of searchers never click past the first page of search engine results.

An SEO audit will give you crucial information about technical problems on the website. You will learn if:

  • the number of questions sent to the databases isn’t overloading your server too much,
  • the server is working fast enough and if the content is loaded as quickly as possible.

If needed, we can help to fix the issues.

Running a thorough phrase audit is crucial for good website positioning in Google. During the SEO analysis, experts will show you the phrases with the highest value for your company and advise you what texts it is a good idea to add them to. You’ll also receive instructions on how to format your articles

The deployment of SEO recommendations will make your website more friendly for potential clients and increase their comfort of use. It’s hard enough to get anyone to use the platforms that don’t operate properly. If your website often displays error information or it takes too long to load content and graphics, potential clients will get discouraged quickly. You can minimize the risk of leaving your website quickly by removing errors. A properly operating website will make users spend more time browsing it.

After an SEO audit you’ll get not only information about things that are wrong on the website – you may also expect improvement suggestions. We also offer improvement implementation. You may do it yourself or share the duties with us.

SEO audit can reveal problems that may be costing you traffic and sales

of all online activities start with a search engine (BrightEdge)



Want to buy new shoes or a phone? You search its specs online. Hungry? You search for restaurants near you. Going on vacation? Chances are you’ll book your next trip online rather than going to a travel agent.

We have become highly reliant on the internet to meet almost all our daily needs for information. So it comes as no surprise that practically all online activity begins with a good old search engine.

If you have a project in hand and you feel that we could make wonders working together, take a second and just get in touch with us!