Wellness is Important

Sports Compensation

Keep yourself fit and healthy by keeping a fitness membership – at no charge to you!

    • Extra plus: Our office is a 10 minute walk to the nearest Myfitness 🙌

Lunch Compensation

Forgot to bring a homemade lunch to work? Splurge and order in – it’s on us!

Flexible Schedule

With us you can set your own work schedule!

      • Be at the office (or work from home) at any time.
        As long as your work is completed successfully, you are free to come and go as you please.

Remote Work Option

Although joining us in the office is always great, you are free to work from home for any reason!

      • Remote work is an option if you want to avoid a long commute or are working in a beautiful country
      • Visit the office to see some friendly faces

Growth is Important

Time & Results Based Bonuses

When projects succeed, the entire team should too!

      • When major project milestones are reached or a teammate works longer hours in a month, we like to compensate them for their hard work and dedication.

Lead Check Ins

Although your team lead will always be concerned about your happiness, official twice a year check ins gives us the chance to:

      • ensure expectations from your side and ours are being met,
      • offer the opportunity to evaluate your salary competitively,
      • open the door for new ideas to improve work flows, reach your goals, and build team spirit.

Trainings & Certifications

Wherever you feel your career path leads you, we are here to support you with new learning opportunities.

      • Share your career vision with us, and we will help you carve your path.

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Why Join Our Team?

Career Growth

We offer you the opportunity to grow within the company. We like to know where you see your career going, and we help open the doors for that to happen.

Flexible Schedule

Our workstyle allows you to make a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, sleep in on Monday, or leave work early for your child’s recital on Thursday.

Team Events

We never let an opportunity to learn go by. Whether it is an international web design conference or a local networking event, we like to keep our brains freshly challenged.

Employee Happiness

We promote employee wellbeing and a healthy work-life balance. By sprinkling humor and fun into each day we keep team motivation high and completely laughable.

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