3 Must-Haves for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign [Part 1]

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How Do I Successfully Do Email Marketing?

Email marketing is not dead. However, when done wrong, email marketing is like a shot in the dark. In other words, a solid email marketing strategy is similar to a puzzle – it consists of many parts, all essential to its success. And today, we will be talking about those parts in particular.

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1. Finding Your Target Audience

What’s the point of email marketing if the messages are not tailored to the right audience?

To understand your current audience, a business can start by researching and collecting users’ emails in a non-aggressive way. Every business should understand the needs, interests and desires of their target audience and should solve those needs by providing promotional messages.

To discover your target audience, ask yourself:

  • Who would benefit most from the knowledge I share?
  • Whose problem do I solve?
  • What are their biggest worries right now?
  • What are their interests? Hobbies? Favorite podcasts and blogs?

This will help you discover a new target audience niche. You will also understand how and what to communicate to your audience.


2. Write the Right Message, for the Right Audience

After your audience is discovered, the content creation phase kicks in.

Here, knowing what to write about and how to make that knowledge fit the product or service, is the main focus and real magic here. Be sure to share content from the position of an expert. By better understanding your audience, you can craft email copy they actually want to read and engage with. Te effectiveness of the email marketing content is what makes the difference.


3. Knowing When And How Often To Send Emails

There are times when people want to read emails – and times when they are more likely to click to delete an email.

  • According to email marketing research done by WordStream, emails sent during the daytime on weekdays convert best. Similarly, the best days for sending emails include Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • You can adjust the number of emails sent to your email family by tracking open rates.
    • If they begin to decline, review the relevancy of your content and the number of times you send an email each week.
    • If your open rate increases, there is a good chance that your audience enjoys interacting with your content and is not yet overwhelmed.


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