3 Steps to Identify Your Brand’s Future Followers [Part 2]

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Before jumping foot first into content generation for your next email marketing campaign, it is best to identify – and target – the crowd most interested in what you have to say. In conclusion, clearly identifying your target audience can help you better reach them. By reaching your customers where they are, can truly make or break the success of your next email marketing campaign.

Identifying Your Core Audience

What Solutions Do You Provide?

Start to identify your target market, by working backwards. What solution do you provide your customer? Whether your company is an eco-friendly flooring company, a modern day opera house, or a distributor of international candy, your company provides your clients with value. Although that value can be a physical product or service, also consider the intrinsic value you provide your customer: maybe convenience, a sense of security, or the feeling of being valued.

Key Takeaway: Identify your target market by first identifying the value you provide to your customer.

Profile Your Customers

After identifying what you offer to your customers, it’s important to identify who these individuals are.
On the other side of every purchase is a person attempting to differentiate your company from your competitors. By viewing the decision making process from the customer point of view, you also gain insight as to how your emails and website can best serve their needs.

  • Who is your customer?
  • What do they like to do in their spare time?
  • What do they enjoy purchasing?
  • Furthermore, where do they often go?

In conclusion, these are all insights that can aid the direction of your email marketing content, and overall marketing strategy.

Key Takeaway: Clarify who your customer is, where they enjoy spending their time, and also what they enjoy purchasing.

Revisit Your History

Finally your site’s analytics and purchase order history can offer special insights into the intricate details of your customer demographics. You can identify your customer’s home countries, income levels, age, and racial background of your favorite customers


In conclusion, identifying your target market takes a bit of time to complete. Luckily, the initial time input is well worth it. By identifying your email marketing campaign’s target audience, you use a concentrated fire hose to put out a fire, rather than a low flow garden hose.


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