8 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Marketing Campaign [Part 3]

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Email Marketing Content Ideas

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How to Nail Your Next Email Marketing Campaign?

Creating new content on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can be a challenge, but with our tips, the challenge won’t seem so scary anymore. Even marketing pros consider it to be one of their greatest challenges. Developing fresh content for your email marketing campaign keeps your audience engaged and also aware of your new services and products.

The following infographic offers 8 core email marketing content ideas that have stood the test of time. Most of all, identify the best idea for your next email marketing campaign. In addition, let us know how the content works out for your next campaign.

8 Email Marketing Content Ideas by Limegrow


Product Advice Emails

Product Advice Emails

What to Include in a Product Advice Email?:

Provide your clients with advice regarding the products or services your company provides. This advice can also include your item’s differentiators, strengths or best applications.

What are Product Advice Emails Best For?:

  • Visitors that bounced from your site without making a purchase
  • Clients that may feel overwhelmed by a sea of service and product options
  • Companies that want to differentiate their products and services from their competitors

Educational Emails

Educational Emails

What to Include in Educational Emails?:

Provide your subscribers with education regarding the services and products available in your industry. By providing educational content you establish your company and inform industry leaders while also providing additional value to your customer.

Try Educational Emails For:

  • Establishing your company as knowledgeable and innovative in your field
  • Providing unique value and information to your customer
  • Building trust between your company and also the customer

New Service or Product

What to Include in New Service or Product Emails?:

Alert your customers to new and upcoming services and products. Consequently you increase awareness and interest in your products and services. Experts are often able to generate excitement for upcoming items before their launch.

Try It For:

  • Bringing awareness to new products or services
  • Building and also generating customer engagement with a product or service before it is available

Reorder Reminder

What to Include in a Reorder Reminder Email?:

For products that are bought monthly, seasonally, or annually, companies can send an automated reorder reminder allowing for the ability to provide your customers with helpful reminders, as well as upselling the companies products.

Try It For:

  • The promotion of products also purchased multiple times throughout the year



What to Include in a Testimonial Email?:

In order to boost a client’s connection and perception of a company, customer testimonials can be shared with the company’s community. By sharing a testimonial that aligns with your company’s brand, you reinforce company values in your customer’s eye.

Try It For:

  • Reinforcing your company brand and value in the customer’s eye
  • Building the trust and relationship between your company and your clients


Email Newsletter

What to Include in a Email Newsletter?:

Within a company a newsletter can easily spread the news of new company procedures, standards, or management changes. Outside of the company, newsletters also help build a bridge between a company and their client. By involving your customers in your company’s evolution, they feel more connected while your team continues to grow.

Try Email Newsletters For:

  • Sharing information within your company
  • Building a relationship with your customer by sharing company insights


Promotional Email

What to Include in a Promotional Email?:

Promote and educate your subscribers regarding products or services similar to their prior purchases, popular purchases, and purchases that can also further support them in their endeavors.

Try Promotional Emails For:

  • Bringing awareness to your current most popular products
  • Supporting your customer in their endeavors


Feedback Emails

What to Include in a Feedback Email?:

First of all  receiving feedback from your clients is invaluable. Without this information, you remain unaware as to how to you can best support the needs of your customer.

Try Feedback Emails For:

  • Receiving feedback from clients
  • Showing your customers how much you value their opinion and trust.


We are nearing the end of our email marketing series – oh no! Don’t worry, we have one more part in addition. Dive into the fourth part of our series on Email Marketing Campaign Frequency.

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