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We had a great time learning about a variety of topics at last week’s Meet Magento Baltics. Alongside the global Magento community, we learned about ecommerce conversion rate optimization, PWA technologies, B2B ecommerce sales, security, and global growth.

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We Heard From.

By speaking with a few speakers after their talks, we gained some special insights we’re sharing with you:

Leendert Van Delft of DHL on the Future of Delivery

We uncovered Generation CX.

Generation CX is a generation of people of all ages who shop at ecommerce store. Leendert shared delivery facts that emphasized how crucial delivery options, notifications, and possibility for modifications are to customers.

  • 91% of consumers look for shipping options before reaching checkout.
  • Customers would be willing to give up alcohol and Netflix for a year of free shipping.
  • Younger shoppers will pay extra for faster shipping.

DHL’s Vice-President of Sales & Digital Marketing emphasized how important it is to ship products quickly and with adequate notification. Lastly, Leendert noted how important culture is to the method of delivery notification. By listening to your customers and meeting their needs as best you can, order shipping can be a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Matthias Boulliung of Nescafe on Global eCommerce

Nescafe’s Magento Product Owner, Matthias Boulliung, inspired the audience with insights on creating global Magento ecommerce stores. Matthias emphasized how important it is to make each ecommerce store locally relevant. Ecommerce stores should have text relevant and understandable to natives. Ecommerce stores should also keep in mind local delivery and notification preferences. Regardless of the company’s size, a local expert is crucial to global ecommerce success.

Anastasija Muravjova of JYSK on Baltic eCommerce

We caught up with Anastasija after her merchant talk with DHL and Zadig & Voltaire. She offered great insights during and after her talk on the differences in each Baltic market, specifically the Estonian, Finnish, and Latvian markets. We discovered the importance of convenience to Estonians, and details to Finnish customers. She also expanded upon how stores can better connect the in-store and ecommerce experience using data analytics and personalization. By creating a great user experience, crafted for each culture, businesses can differentiate themselves in the market.

What Limegrowers Thought:

“Being with a group of Magento developers and businessmen so passionate about what they do was a great recharge. I enjoyed learning more about the leading edge of Magento technologies like PWA and DHL’s new delivery options.”

– Alyson H.


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