Young Ceramics

Online store

Client: Young Ceramics (Noor Keraamik)


Type: Website – Wordpress

The Young Ceramic (Noor Keraamik) store is an artistic company that unleashes creativity in locals. Created by two sisters with a love for pottery,

Young Ceramics has brought a love for art to previously stale pottery sales. By offering ceramic courses, they teach people of all ages how to create art unique to them.

The Why

Key objectives

With a large portion of their visitors interacting with their Young Ceramics’ online store, they had a strong desire to bring imaginative life back to their site. The site redesign needed to bring ease to the customer navigation process while also boosting brand awareness. We chose to maintain the artistic character of the Young Ceramics brand through the playful use of color and imagery.

The What


One of the first improvements made to the site was technical. Website maintenance was put at the forefront of our work. Without this work, the site experience for visitors was inconsistent and slow; two triggers that lower visitors’ trust and experience when visiting a site. The website also required multilingual page repairs.

The What

Design Upgrades

A core characteristic of the Young Ceramics brand is the joy experienced when creating pottery and art. Our team discussed three keywords that aligned with our perception of the brand, and the company’s motifs: arty, youthful, and open.

With these keywords in mind, our team updated the header’s imagery and design, site color scheme, and navigation structure. These additions to the site have improved site readability and maneuverability for their visitors.

The Outcome


Through client discussions and design analysis our team successfully provided quirky and creative site upgrades for the Young Ceramics website. We were able to help repair the site’s outdated maintenance and multi-language site errors.

Our work with the Young Ceramics team was enjoyable and resonated with the creative fire in our hearts.

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