Musu Restaurant


Client: Musu Restaurant

Type: Website – Wordpress

The Musu Restaurant is a cozy and contemporary restaurant designed with the client’s experience in mind. Upon arriving to Musita, visitors are swept away into the glossy warmth of the interior’s decor,

the comfortable conversations with their closest friends, and the delicious, internationally influenced tastes.

The Why

Key objectives

The Musu Restaurant is a luxurious brand that signifies grace, internationality, and a welcoming comfort. The company’s brand and site design was well established prior to working with them; although, the client’s use of the site was in need of attention.

With a site previously developed using the Wix website builder platform, the Musita team found that they were beginning to run into obstacles as they tried to grow and expand. Their website needed new features including becoming a multilingual website, and needed to be moved to the WordPress platform.

The What


The Musu Restaurant website was moved from the Wix website builder platform to WordPress. By transferring their website to WordPress, we were able to help them make site management much more easily manageable.

The new website evolved to be mobile friendly (responsive site design) and to be accessible for multiple languages. Minor design updates were developed in order to maintain the client’s vision for the project, while always aligning with their luxurious brand.

The Outcome


For business to consumer (B2C) businesses, it is important to maintain a consistent brand for site visitors. Our team was able to help maintain and build that brand for the Musita team throughout the transfer of the site from the Wix to the WordPress platforms. Through the use of the WordPress platform, the Musita team can now make modifications to the site without pulling their hair out. The reinvented Musita website now supports multiple languages in order to appeal to a variety of customers.

Our team remains a friendly support system to the Musita team in the case that any questions arise.

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