Vall & Soo Accounting Firm


Client: Vall & Soo Accounting (Vall & Soo Raamatupidamine)


Type: Website – Wordpress

The Vall & Soo Accounting Firm has over a decade worth of experience in the accounting and administrative fields.

With an organized and personal approach, this firm provides each of its many clients with the attention they deserve.

The Why

Key objectives

The Vall & Soo Accounting Firm was ready to take its firm online. The team needed a website that created a simple and conservative, yet friendly environment that aligned with their company virtues.

The What


The website delivered required information about the Vall & Soo services, and a means to contact the firm for further assistance. The website design was chosen based upon the use of icons, imagery, and colors that conveyed a friendly tone. The simple and conservative design aligns with site visitors expectation from an accounting firm.

The Outcome


Our team successfully helped the Vall & Soo Firm to begin building their online presence. Through the development of a conservative, straight forward, and easily navigable website, Val & Soo has been able to more easily grow their business and clientele. Our team continues to collaborate with the Vall & Soo Firm – especially around tax season.

If you have a project in hand and you feel that we could make wonders working together, take a second and just get in touch with us!