Klimberg Driving School


Client: Klimberg Autokool (Driving School)

Link: klimbergak.ee

Type: Website – Wordpress

The Klimberg Driving School improves traffic culture, one driving student at a time. Each driving school student is taught how to drive safely and securely, in order to remain safe while navigating through complex traffic.

With almost three decades of teaching experience, the Klimberg Driving School knows how to pull the best from each student.

The Why

Key objectives

The Klimberg Driving School website design had not been upgraded for almost a decade. The client strongly desired a new website that could allow students to more easily maneuver through the website to find the information they needed most.

By creating a site design that was less saturated with text and more visual, the Klimberg School has seen that their students more easily find the information they need.

The What


The previous Klimberg School website was primarily text-based. With technological improvements, current website trends align with a more visual user experience. Through the incorporation of more visual features, customers now more easily navigate through the website.

A key design characteristic was making the site visually appealing to more youthful individuals who would be more likely to start learning to drive. The color scheme and imagery choices reflect this key company trait.

The What

Site Analysis

Using the site’s previous visitor traffic as feedback for the site’s redesign, our team used the innovative Hotjar Heat Mapping and Traffic Analysis tool in order to identify visitor’s core needs. Using the Hotjar tool, our team was able to identify the driving school course page as a highly visited region.

Our team also used the Google Analytics tool to identify the visitor funnel for the site. This tool likewise confirmed that the site’s course page was visited most often. Using this, and other data, our team designed the Klimberg School website to support site visitors in quickly accessing the page’s most desired content: the course description and course registration pages.

The Outcome


By using site analysis tools, and collaborative design feedback from the client, our team successfully helped the Klimberg School to improve their site’s visual appeal and ease their user’s experience. Our team maintained the youthful, yet clean brand the school was striving for.

Despite several decades of experience navigating roadways and driving situations, our team helped the Klimberg Driving School make their site more navigable for their website “drivers”.

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