Client: Eurodesk

Link: Eurodesk

Type: Website – Drupal

Eurodesk is an international, non-profit association that connects youth to opportunities for personal and professional development.By traveling, networking, and giving back

to their community Eurodesk shows youth that they can make an impact in any country they call home.

The Why

Key objectives

The original Eurodesk website was ready for a new wardrobe. With a text-based appearance, the association was ready to appeal to the newer generations by upgrading the site design to a visual centerpiece. Visitors were often unable to navigate the site easily and the client was unable to share new event details and content with them in return. Our objective was to support Eurodesk by improving their communication with visitors.

The What


The Eurodesk design was chosen with key brand elements in mind: youth, adventure, and clarity. By connecting with site visitors through a visual interface, the website has been able to funnel and direct visitors to their desired destination more easily than before – similar to airport signs navigating visitors to their final stop.

The What

Custom Map

In order to make the locations and details of hundreds of events simple to identify and search for, a custom, embeddable map solution was developed. Maintaining the Eurodesk color scheme and a simple interactive map makes searching for local events simple and less cluttered than before. This map was developed and customized to work with external systems, yet remains optimized for mobile users (responsive web design).

The Outcome


Using the Drupal platform, the Eurodesk team can easily update and add new events to their site, in order to share with their visitors. The custom developed map was embeddable and aligned with the youthful and adventurous aspects of the Eurodesk brand.

Our work with the Eurodesk team successfully provided a visual, digital solution to the team’s needs, and connected with our desire to give back to the community.

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