Eurodesk – Time to Move


Client: Eurodesk – “Time to Move” Campaign

Link: Time to Move

Type: Custom Development

Eurodesk is an international, non-profit association that connects youth to opportunities for personal and professional development.

The Eurodesk “Time to Move” annual campaign connects visitors with Fall activities, volunteering opportunities, and events.

The Why

Key objectives

The Eurodesk “Time to Move” campaign was in need of a custom developed map that would allow site visitors to quickly engage with local events. The map would need to be easy to use for the Eurodesk team, easily integratable into their system, and have a calendar view of the events. This idea was collaborated upon with Eurodesk, and we came up with the clean, simple yet branded map design that is easily embeddable.

The What

Custom Development

Our development of a custom, embeddable map solution included the addition of search filters to improve the user experience. Maintaining the campaign’s color scheme and sleek design was a key focus in order to conform to the rest of the site’s feeling. The use of this map was developed and customized to work with external systems, although it remains optimized for mobile users (responsive web design).

The Outcome


Using the Drupal platform, the “Time to Move” annual campaign can easily be updated by the Eurodesk team. This custom Drupal developed map allows visitors to easily see what upcoming events may be of greatest interest. The custom developed map was embeddable and aligned with the fun and modern features of the “Time to Move” brand.

Our work with the Eurodesk team successfully provided a visual, digital solution to the team’s needs, and offered us a sneak peek at the coolest upcoming events.

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