Woof Woof Online Store

Design, Online store

Client: Woof Woof Dog Supplies

Link: woofwoofsupplies.com

Type: Website – WordPress

The Woof Woof Dog Store caters to dog lovers across the United States. With hundreds of online visitors daily, their team specializes in providing the latest dog news, helping their community,

and connecting their fans to great deals and products. Their store carries a variety of premium dog products including dog supplements, dog food, and unique dog toys.

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The Why

Key objectives

The Woof Woof Dog Supplies team met with us to start creating their woof-tastic online dog supply store. The Woof Woof online store required a focus on showcasing their products attractively, incorporating SEO optimization, and integrating their website with Amazon. We suggested WordPress combined with WooCommerce as the platform for this project due to the SEO-friendliness of WordPress.

The What


The Woof Woof website is an online store with search and categorization capabilities, a blog, and a store updated with new products daily. Due to the need for constant website maintenance, we offered a one-on-one, WordPress training for their team, so that they can easily add new content to their website daily. The Woof Woof website was branded per the company’s standards, and is simple for their team to maneuver through as new content is added.

The What

Product Importing

The Woof Woof online store imported hundreds of products organized by categories and tags. The products were imported and updated with descriptions relevant to the store. The products also have a second layer of descriptive content visible only on Google. After discussions with the Woof Woof team, the product pages also include a gallery of images related to each products’ features.

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The What

Amazon Integrations

The Woof Woof online store was unique in that the team desired multiple Amazon integrations. The first Amazon integration included the incorporation of Amazon’s product pricing API. The Woof Woof online store required an integration that sourced the product pricing from the Amazon database in order to maintain correct product pricing on the site. The second integration included adding Amazon’s product recommendations to the website. This integration offers products that the site visitor might be interested in. Both Amazon APIs were seamlessly integrated into their online store and are maintained by this team to that day.

The What

SEO Optimization

One of the project’s objectives was to make sure that the Woof Woof online store was highly search engine optimized (SEO) in order to rank high in the Google search results. We made multiple development efforts in order to optimize the website so that the products sold would reach the largest audience possible.

The Outcome


The Woof Woof online store goals were successfully met, and the Woof Woof team connects with us on product and website design updates that keep their website attractive as their content library continues to grow. Our team optimized the website’s speed by making technical adjustments like changing their web hosting partner to SiteGround and setting up a Content Delivery Network. This work was completed with our on-going website maintenance plan. Ultimately, the Woof Woof online store was a success that keeps tails coming back for more.

The Reflection

What client said

“Limegrow made creating our online store effortless. No matter the project phase, I felt like they supported our vision, like an old friend. Since then, Limegrow always swoops in like a superhero whenever I accidentally break something.”

Allison H. / Woof Woof Dog Supplies

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