Aston Interior

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Client: Aston Interior


Type: Online Store

The booming Aston Interior lighting company offers a wide variety of outdoor and indoor lighting products. Specializing in LED products, Aston Interior supports offices, warehouses, commercial spaces, and public environments across Europe by providing for their lighting needs.

With quality assurance processes and readily available staff support, Aston Interior is a key choice for many private and public clients.

The Why

Key objectives

The Aston Interior lighting company was in need of a modern, sleek, and easily navigable website. The site needed to showcase a variety of lighting products, like a product catalog. The showcasing of products needed to remain clear and easy to digest because each product included extensive amounts of product specifications.

The What


We helped the Aston Interior team choose a sleek, clean, and professional site design that could provide clarity to their customers. Maintaining this clarity was important to our client, so we chose to present all lighting product specification information in a simple table format.

Despite the variation in the product input data, we strove to maintain Aston Interior’s professional brand and provided custom solutions to maintain the client vision.

The What

Product Importing

Originally, obtaining product specifications from a variety of manufacturers caused the project’s catalog to appear inconsistent. Maintaining professionalism and clarity was important for both us and our client, so we chose to present the lighting product information in a simple and consistent table format.

We developed custom solutions in order to provide this format because this approach presented the client’s vision in the best way.

The Outcome


By using the WordPress platform, we were able to help Aston Interior make adding additional products to the catalog easy and quick. Using a simple, yet attractive design, allowed us to create a product catalog simple to explore.

Lastly, we brought conformity to the product specification listings by reformatting the given data into a similar format. We continue to support our client with product importing and site troubleshooting.

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