Flooring & Interior Center

Drupal, MailChimp

Client: Põrandakeskus + Sisustus Ltd

Link: porandakeskus.ee

Type: Website – Drupal,  Newsletter

Flooring & Interior Center (Põrandakeskus + Sisustus) is a quality supplier of parquet and wooden flooring, maintenance, finishing, and processing.

They specialize in the import and distribution of parquet flooring, mosaic parquet flooring, plaster inserts and related products such as, wooden floors, moldings, adhesives, and oils.

The Why

Key objectives

The ability to showcase the quality of the products sold by the Flooring & Center Ltd, was quickly apparent. Working with their team, it was determined that a new website was needed to appeal to customers and conveniently allow users to browse their product line from the comfort of their home. Another key objective was to make the website SEO friendly and easy to manage for the client.

The What


After an assessment of the client needs, we chose Drupal as the platform for the new website. Drupal was chosen to provide the required flexibility for the current and planned features of the website. In order to make website migration process easy as possible for the client, we built different content migration tools.
For real time customer support, the Live Chat plugin was also integrated into their site.

The What

Product Importing

In order to make it easy for the client to import additional products from different suppliers, we have built several, custom content importing tools which import products from different supplier websites.

The What

SEO Optimization

One of the project’s objectives was to make sure that the website would be highly search engine optimized (SEO) in order to rank high in the Google search results. In order to reach that goal, we did multiple technical developments while also crafting unique and catchy copy.

The What

MailChimp Newsletter

In order to make it easy for the client to stay in touch and inform their customers about new and upcoming products, we created a full newsletter solution, using MailChimp.

Our team completed a full circle newsletter procedure. This process inculdes the creation of a responsive MailChimp newsletter template, setting up the client’s MailChimp account, importing of their client contacts, and assisting the client with completing and troubleshooting their first email campaigns.

The Outcome


The  Flooring Company’s website was transformed into a new, Drupal-based website. All of the company’s flooring products were transferred, and custom software developments were completed in order to optimize the experience of their online customers.

Throughout the process, our team found cooperation to be enjoyable, and we continue to build on our friendly, ongoing relationship. We are ready for the next challenges. 🙂

The Reflection

What client said

“Limegrow is a company that will not leave the client alone with their problems. Offering fast and thought through solutions is their priority. They think together with the client, and keep the client updated with the latest digital trends.”

Koit V. / Flooring & Interior Center Ltd

Raido at Limegrow Web Development

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