Fiskostar Ltd.

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Client: Fiskostar Limited


Fiskostar Ltd. is an international window and door accessory supplier. Fiskostar has grown this successfully,

but not only due to their 5,000 products. By putting their customers first, they have bypassed the pack and continue to remain industry leaders.

The Why

Key objectives

In order to remain communicative with their clients, the Fiskostar team identified email marketing as a key approach. Through team discussions with the client, our team identified three key project attributes: a email newsletter template with a variety of designs, a newsletter viable across all of the top email clients, easy for the Fiskostar team to work with in the future.

The What

MailChimp Newsletter

The newsletter template designs generated maintained the Fiskostar brand: high quality, and distinct design. With the Fiskostar color scheme in mind, our team created several variations of the template that highlighted the exclusive product offerings being shared with their clients.

This approach led to a simple MailChimp newsletter design that could be easily updated by the Fiskostar team. MailChimp was used to make future modifications to the newsletters fast and easy.

The Outcome


Our team successfully designed several MailChimp newsletter templates that supported the Fiskostar team’s original objectives. Our team was also able to create customer satisfaction surveys for their team through the MailChimp platform.

Fiskostar’s application of MailChimp exemplifies how easy it is to build a bridge of communication between companies and clients with the right tools.

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