Client: SSWM


Type: Website – Drupal 8

SSWM (Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management) is the globally recognized number one information resource for the water sector. They offer important sanitation and water management tools to the public, so content clarity and ease of access was important during design.

With over 8,000 pieces of knowledge and resources, easy to use search and multi-layered content organization was essential for customer ease.

The Why

Key objectives

The SSWM website was in need of several changes to make the following easier for users and content creators:

  1. more comfortable desktop and mobile-friendly use,
  2. easier access to important resources,
  3. more intuitive and understandable showcasing of the knowledge base, and
  4. improved content creation flexibility.

The Website

User Experience

We found it important that the SSWM toolbox made navigation easier for users. Below are a few of our methods for improving the user experience:

1. We used a “Solution Finder”, “Perspective Chooser” and “Perspectives” page to highlight frequently visited content with a three-pronged approach.

2. We also implemented multi-level search functionality so that users could quickly search for a specific piece of content.

3. Using a “Factsheet Recommender” in the sidebar, we were able to encourage users to browse similar topics further too.

The What

Website Migration

The updated SSWM website also included the migration of the archived site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8. The migration also included merging a separate website ( into the larger SSWM website. This website migration also included the standardization of multiple content types. This step made content creation easier for administrative users. Lastly, the website migration included migrating the many user roles, passwords, and accesses into the new site.

Ultimately, our team ensured the accurate migration of over 8,000 content pieces by analyzing, managing and documenting the migration process.

The What

Website Redesign

We also gave the SSWM site a fresh face lift which included a full site redesign. The site redesign included:

  • updated font family and color scheme,
  • button and card redesign,
  • menu navigation redesign (both the content and site menus),
  • breadcrumb redesign,
  • and much more.

The Outcome


The Drupal 8 migration and redesign of the SSWM website included a variety of key functionality, including:

  • Improved user experience, design, and navigation,
  • Improved content flexibility and organization, and
  • New interactive functionality to convey information.

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