Website Management Case Study: Musita Restaurant

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WordPress Management: Musita Restaurant

The Musita Restaurant is a contemporary and luxurious restaurant that has grown substantially in the past year.

The restaurant’s growth required their website to grow with them. The Musita Restaurant brings local and international tastes together to create a new sensory experience for their visitors. In the cozy, yet elegant space Musita’s visitors may find themselves feeling at home with strangers.

Wordpress Management Case Study_Phase One

Step 1. The Objective

The restaurant’s expansion required a new home page design. Instead of the previous single main page format, the homepage would direct visitors to one of two websites using WordPress MultiSite: either the MuSu restaurant or the MuSu banquet hall.

The new WordPress Multisite homepage needed to remain familiar to website visitors. Loyal MuSu fans had to still feel that they were at home, regardless of the website’s design update. Consistent branding was important and the homepage had to translate the feelings of comfort, coziness, and the influence of international tastes just as the previous main page had.

Wordpress Management Case Study Musita Restaurant

Step 2. Style Prototyping

The MuSu Restaurant has a strong brand that describes the cozy, yet elegant eating environment. The restaurant’s expansion called for a bold and vibrant second logo and brand scheme. We found it important to convey the similarities and differences in this environment on the website’s new main page.

An elegant and simple color palette and typography were used to create unity between the two main page. The logo design and imagery was used to create distinctions between the parts of the restaurant for the user.

Wordpress Management Musu Restaurant

Step 3. Gathering it Together

While enjoying dinner at MuSu Restaurant, it is impossible not to feel at home and welcome in the environment. For instance, browsing the menu in either English or Estonian can be a sensory experience on its own.

The WordPress MultiSite successfully implemented. The website’s main page conveys a distinction, yet cozy familiarity that MuSu visitors love.

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