The Best CMS for Small Business Websites

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Tech-savvy small business owners use their websites to market their business, sell their products, and to grow their businesses. Small business websites have very different needs compared to government, non-profit, or large business websites. The need for very high security and multiple user content management is much lower for small businesses.

We recommend small business owners use WordPress for their websites. Nope – we are not WordPress affiliates. Although, we do build WordPress websites, we suggest WordPress websites for small business owners for several reasons:

1. Free Alternatives Won’t Grow with Your Company

Building a website for free is appealing. It is a way for businesses to test interest and to create a simple website quickly, without too much hair pulling from non-technical people. Unfortunately, these free alternatives can hinder your company’s growth.

Free CMSs, like Wix, are seductive because they seem like an easy way to build a website – fast! Unfortunately, these drag-and-drop websites can take a lot of your time to build and edit a website to your liking. We recommend going the extra mile by building a high-quality website from the start, if you want to build a website with any of the following:

  • Multi-lingual Capability
  • SEO Capability
  • Online Sales Support
  • Customer Chat Support
  • Social Media and Application Integrations
  • Use of Your Own Domain
  • Need for High Storage (for imagery)
  • Need for Website Analytics
  • A Custom Website Design

2. WordPress is a More Affordable Start

Free CMS alternatives quickly require paid plans for the features most small business owners need and want. Although the small fees seem to be minor, they can add up quickly – surprising business owners along the way.  Business owners using free alternatives lack the customization a budding brand needs. Lacking a branded website design, a branded website domain, or brand related imagery can cause a customer to lose trust in a website or forget the brand completely.

With WordPress, small business owners can start earning money from their websites quickly. WordPress requires a flat affordable fee, with functionality that allows developers to make custom design changes, integrate apps like MailChimp, and collect user information and sales. WordPress offers its users a lot for the cost of only a cup of coffee a month.

3. Other CMSs Make Things Too Complicated

Other CMS alternatives can be complicated and expensive to build, especially for small business websites. Drupal is a CMS solution for websites requiring more complicated content management, high security, and custom features. Drupal is one of the more complex CMS solutions that better suits larger companies and government institutions. Alternatively, Joomla has a complicated interface for building a website, making it difficult for newbies and beginners.

Alternatively, WordPress is simple to use and manage, and even the complete novice can learn how to add new blog posts or products using the CMS. WordPress is also very easy to customize and incorporate new features. Although we recommend a professional help with integrating new extensions, app integrations, implementing design updates, and other custom updates (in order to prevent accidental website explosions).

Start talking with us about your website and the best CMS for you!

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