4 Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales this Holiday (Shopify Edition)

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1. Simple Web Redesign for the Holidays

Shopify Holidays_Holiday Redesign

Add a Holiday Banner

After trimming the tree and adding a wreath to your front door, it’s time to redesign your website for the holidays, too. We recommend adding a cute holiday banner to the top of your website to draw attention to your holiday sales. Use a bold red color or a cute Christmas icon to catch your website visitors’ eye and attention.

How-To: Add a Website Holiday Banner

Give your Logo a New Outfit

Create a “Holiday” version of your logo by adding a cute Santa hat, a stocking, an elf hat, or a New Year’s hat to your logo. This approach is like changing your business’s outfit for the holiday season, and creates a memorable yet refreshing face for your business.

A Holiday Header Change

Lastly, we recommend updating your header with free Holiday stock imagery and sales text. This is a great way to welcome your customers to your website, and to guide them to your holiday sales section.

2. Reward Your Loyal Customers

For customers that have purchased from your business before, reward them! Offer your customers a discount via email to show them you appreciate your service. You can also reward your social media fans with discounts available only on those platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest).

If you want to appreciate your customers without offering a discount, send a heartwarming message from the CEO thanking them for being loyal customers.

3. Send Abandoned Cart Emails

For “almost” customers who abandoned their shopping cart, the holidays are a great time to try again. Send an abandoned cart email with your Shopify website and capture the sales you almost lost. This is a great time to send an email because customers are already in the shopping mood!

How-To: Automatic Abandoned Cart Emails

4. Try Live Customer Chat Support

Live Customer Chat Support is a convenient way for your customers to reach out when they have questions about your products. This is especially great to have during the holiday season when customers are shopping more often and doing more online research about products. With Live Chat support, you can help customers make the right decision with more courteous, friendly, and fast information.

How-To: Live Chat

How-To: Facebook Chat 

Bonus: Create and Share a Gift Guide

Add new content to your website that your customers and search engines will be happy to notice. By producing an eye catching gift guide that features your best selling products and applications, you can help inspire your customers to choose a new product.

Gift guides also help your customers or potential customers see more value in your product or service and they can better envision how they will use your product in their own life.

How-To: Create a Great Gift Guide

When your website is all glammed-up with the spirit of Christmas and New Years, it’s time to throw a gathering for the employees to share the holiday joy! If you are all out of fun ideas, we can give you a helping hand; follow our 5-step holiday party guide to the most amazing office event of the year!

How will you make the holidays your best sales season yet? We absolutely love using Shopify for eCommerce, so why not boost your sales through the roof together?
Get in touch, we don’t bite. 

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