22 Best Email Marketing Ideas to Try

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Best Email Ideas for Your Biz

When you begin to build an email following, or find yourself sharing stale content, it’s best to get creative with the best email ideas on the market.

We created an email marketing idea infographic that will give you ideas to:

  • Boost your sales
  • Build customer trust
  • Build your reputation
  • Share valuable information
  • Craft your brand

Email marketing is shown to have one of the highest forms of ROI. Customers that sign up for company emails report looking forward to receiving emails from their favorite brands. So, it is important for you to hop on the bandwagon too!

Don’t disappoint your customers by sharing the same content – switch it up! 

How to Send the Best Emails

Sending the best emails in your field requires knowledge of your email building tool (we recommend MailChimp), your customer, and the purpose of your emails. On a similar note, we created an email marketing series that dives into how to start email marketing for the promotion of your business.

Write the Best Emails

The Best Email Marketing Content Ideas

Successful email marketing considers the customer first. Typically your customer will be interested in receiving one of three things from you:

  1. Valuable Info
  2. Sales Alerts
  3. Order Info

In each of these categories your customers want to know that you care. Next, we will dive into how you can show you care when you send an email with any of these three things.

Email Marketing - Valuable Info

Send the Best Emails with Valuable Information

To start generating the best emails, we recommend starting with your customer profile. Use the profile to understand the questions your customer might have before purchase, and craft emails that answer those questions.

If your customer is an executive or entrepreneur, they may be more interested in receiving industry news. If your customer is a busy, stay at home dad, they may be interested in a summary of the information they need to make a big decision. Consider the information your customer wants and pair that with the information you are an expert at giving.

Email Marketing - Sales Alerts

Send the Best Emails with Sales Alerts

With your customer in mind, consider the sales alerts they are most interested in receiving. Typically, customers are happy to receive an email about your most recent sale.

Alternatively, for customers that abandon their shopping carts, it is important that you follow up with more information. If you help answer questions and remove the obstacles that stopped them from purchasing the product in the first place, you fill a gap most customers won’t alert you to.

Email Marketing - Order Info

Send the Best Emails with Order Info

Use MailChimp tools to help your customers keep track of their orders. When they sign up for your email list, treat them like guests at your home and welcome them. When customers purchase an item from your store, share a purchase confirmation with them and send them a heads up when their item will arrive. Typically, email communication at this stage can never come too often! After their product has arrived, send a customer feedback survey and ask them how they enjoyed the product.

Email Marketing

In conclusion, we recommend using emails to keep your customer informed. With friendly or funny emails, you will create the best emails that all your customers will look forward to.

Start creating successful email campaigns by reading our email marketing series!

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