MailChimp Newsletters

What is MailChimp

MailChimp is a platform that allows over 15 million people to express themselves through email. MailChimp supports business owners in crafting emails that align with their brand. Using MailChimp Newsletters, company’s can showcase their products, offer helpful new items, and grow their audience.

MailChimp supports the improvement of email campaigns through the use of simple to understand data analytics and sales reporting. By better understanding your customer, you can better help fill their needs. MailChimp smoothly integrates into:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Shopify
  • WordPress
  • Google Docs and more…

Our team has experience designing and building custom MailChimp Newsletters that support clients’ brands. We have molded MailChimp to adhere to our customer’s brand, vision, and values for many years.

Using our experience we have helped our clients integrate custom solutions to:

MailChimp Inspiration

Why Use MailChimp?

Sell More

With MailChimp, you can easily connect your store and your email campaigns. This integration allows you share ``Back In-Stock`` messaging and helpful product follow-ups with your customers.

Powerful Automation

MailChimp includes automation tools that make your customers feel as if a personal sales associate is always available to them. With MailChimp you caneasily automate abandoned cart emails, loyal customer rewards, and customer re-engagement emails.

Astounding Analytics

MailChimp analytics support business owners in better understanding customer patterns. MailChimp offers a desktop and mobile analytics dashboard that helps grow your company.

Use MailChimp Newsletters For

Welcome Emails
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Product Announcements
Industry News
Internal Company Communication
Loyalty Program
Coupon Distribution
Product Sales & Promotions

Why Use MailChimp Newsletters

Keep in Touch

Email marketing allows you to build on the customer relationships you have already built. By alerting customers to abandoned carts, sharing new products, and wishing them a happy birthday your brand becomes even more personable and authentic.

Easily Integrate

MailChimp allows you to easily integrate external systems like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Shopify and more. This creates an aggregated system of your customer purchasing, sharing, and profile data.

Data Monitoring

MailChimp offers data visualizations for revenue and order reports, list growth, trend monitoring, subscriber activity, location tracking, domain performance, and industry result comparisons.

Visually Appealing

MailChimp Newsletters are visual and attractive emails for your clients to interact with. You can align each email template to your company brand and public image.

We make MailChimp newsletters your fans want!

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