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The following printer-friendly resources can help build and market your business. When you are starting out, there is no need to create your own resources. Start guiding your business, and grow sooner by getting started with these free resources.

Marketing Resources

Target Customer Profile (B2C)

Successful businesses always have several target customer profiles. The profiles offer an example of what your audience looks like. These profiles help you create content for those individuals, rather than the entire world.

Simplify your marketing with this B2C target customer template.

Target Firm Profile (B2B)

Services catering to businesses should define their target firm profile. Start defining the details of your ideal customer. Next, evaluate whether you serve them well now, and how you can better help them.

Use this template to effortlessly create your target firm identity.

Facebook Banner Sizes

Facebook marketing is essential to great B2C marketing. Creating quality imagery and content is important to building a great brand. This resource shows the best Facebook image, post, and video sizes for high quality posts that convert.

Easily create high quality posts that convert.

Website Banner Ad Sizes

Website banner ads come in a variety of sizes. Create your website banner ad to look great in all of these sizes. No matter the size, you can market your products and services well using our website ad design guide.

Start making memorable website ads.

COCD Marketing Idea Matrix

If you are in need of new marketing ideas, use the COCD marketing matrix. The COCD matrix helps you select the most promising ideas from your team brainstorming sessions.

Create the most innovative, jaw-dropping ideas using this COCD matrix.

Sales Funnel Template

The Sales Funnel template helps you define and establish the buying process your customers experience. You can use this tool to understand how new visitors will turn into customers by visiting your website or talking with a salesperson.

Use the sales funnel template to start streamlining your marketing efforts.

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Business Resources

Business Model Canvas Template

To grow your business, you must know it from the inside out. The Business Model Canvas supports you in describing, designing, reinvent, and challenging your business model. Whether you have been in business for two months or two decades, deciding how your business will differentiate itself now and in the future is key.

Grow your business by understanding its strengths and challenges.

Impact and Effort Matrix

Evaluate your day’s tasks with the Impact and Effort matrix. The Impact and Effort matrix helps you prioritize your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks by sorting your task list by the impact created based upon your effort.

Now, you can prioritize your tasks effortlessly.

Important vs. Urgent Matrix

Urgent tasks are not always important; important tasks are not always urgent. The Important vs Urgent matrix helps you differentiate the two so that you can make the most of your weekly efforts.

Dividing tasks based on importance has never been easier.

SWOT Analysis Matrix

Use the SWOT analysis to evaluate and analyze your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. This tool is perfect for companies looking to pivot or differentiate themselves. Identify your competitors strengths with this tool in order find new opportunities for business growth.

Give your business a full-body makeover.

The 5 Whys Template

The 5 Whys is an excellent technique to explore the cause behind a problem. If you want to solve a problem with your customer onboarding process, ask yourself why five times. After asking why several times, you will find the root of the problem.

This simple model helps you understand and process any problem.

Classic To-Do List Template

New online tools like Trello support teams in effectively organizing the tasks that are “to do”, “in progress”, and “done”. Although sometimes, a classic, old school To Do List can help you stay organized and easily showcase your work progress in meetings.

A classic way to organize your current and completed work.

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