Estonian Ministry of Justice

Design, Software

Client: Republic of Estonia – Ministry of Justice


Type: Custom – HTML5, Animations

The main duty of the Estonian Ministry of Justice is to plan and to carry out a legal and criminal policy of the state, which will help ensure an open and secure society, where people may be assured of the use and protection of their rights.

As coordinator of legislative drafting, the Ministry of Justice stands for the systematic development of law in variety of areas including crime and corruption, child welfare, and much more.

The Why

Key objectives

The Estonian Ministry of Justice was interested in developing a new informative project. After brainstorming, we decided upon the development of an HTML5 game to engage and inform citizens about corruption.

The game developed was designed with an eye-catching, friendly quiz style, in association with Wink. The game developed used animations and user interaction to engage players of all ages.

The What

HTML5 Animations

After reviewing several themed designs and functionality ideas, our team began developing the HTML5-based game.

This game uses GSAP library (Javascript HTML5 animations) to bring the quiz to life. The quiz was designed to be responsive so that it can be used on every type of device effortlessly.

The user’s score also adjusts and impacts the game environment. By creating the game to interact with the user based on their personal score, users remain engaged for longer periods of time.

The What

Quizlet Game

The quiz character walks through town and answers questions every time an apple falls their way. Each question is multiple choice and involves an event with potential signs of corruption. Users answer each question with what they feel is the best solution.

The use of situational, multiple choice questions gives the public the opportunity to re-evaluate situations they have experienced or understand how to approach them in the future.

The What

Mailchimp Newsletters

We partnered with the Estonian Ministry of Justice to create MailChimp Newsletters that share government news and updates with the public and within the department.

The MailChimp Newsletters share information vital to helping the department run smoothly. The email newsletters engage the team with discussion on unique and important news topics to keep the team informed and better able to serve the public.

The Outcome


This project was as fun to develop as it was to test. The client spread the game across their communication channels, and it is now widely used throughout the country.

The game served its purpose and facilitated discourse on crime and corruption as the client intended. The quiz used fun to engage the general public in the topic in a new and interactive way.

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