How to Tweak Your Website to Grow Your Business

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Tweak Your Website and Grow Your Business

1. Leverage Email Marketing

Use your website to further connect with your clients. We recommend connecting email marketing with your website using MailChimp. We love MailChimp, because business owners can dip their toes into email marketing free of cost. If you are stumped for email marketing ideas, we shared email marketing campaign ideas for every industry.

In 2015, it was reported that 84% of customers enjoy receiving promotional emails from companies they buy from. That means customers want to know about your latest sale, newest products, and the product recommendations you have to share. Grow your business by filling this need by trying this marketing strategy that has the highest ROIs.

2. Test New Website Colors

Testing new website colors is larger than determining which color converts best (e.g. green vs orange, blue vs red, etc). Website buttons and calls to action should stand out from the crowd.

A great test to determine if your website button needs a redesign session is to take a screenshot of your website, and blur the image slightly (try using a tool as simple as Lunapic). Do your CTAs standout on the webpage?

Rather than focusing simply on the contrast on your website, also consider two other aspects of your website: 1) your audience and their preferences, and 2) the sensory experience you want to create for your web users.

Your Audience and their Color Preferences

Women and men have different color preferences that impact how they react to colors. For example, men tend to prefer blue, green, and red; Alternatively, women prefer blue, purple, and green. Women tend to prefer softer colors and men tend to prefer strong, bright colors. Different age groups also interpret and experience color differently. Use this research to your advantage by using the colors that your target audience prefers to attract their attention.

How We Experience Color with Our Senses

When we see a beautiful blue ocean, our brain becomes more alert and begins to perform at a higher cognitive level. The cells in our eyes communicate blue as calming to us. For businesses that want to trigger this emotion in their clients, shades of blue should be used in the company brand to create this feeling instinctively. McDonald’s has used this approach to their brand for years. Their color scheme increases the heart rate and triggers feelings of speed – that is one aspect of how fast food was born!

3. Try a New Marketing Channel

If you focus on marketing your content or products solely on your website, try a new marketing channel. Social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are incredibly easy to get started with. Each social media platform has a target audience that you can most easily reach. Start with the social media channel that includes your target audience, and expand from there.

Grow your business by expanding your marketing channels to include video. YouTube and Vimeo are popular channels for sharing product how-to videos, a restaurant’s secret recipes, and informational videos. How can you use video to market your products or services? Try a new marketing approach or media channel to spread the word in a different way.

4. Complete a Full Website Redesign

Every one to two years, your website should be redesigned. Redesigning your website refreshes your brand and adds new functionality to your website. Grow your business by adding a blog section, video resources, a photo gallery, or an online shop to your website. This also encourages customer engagement and promotes your products without too many extra charges.

A website redesign should consider your overall company brand and image. Create a word map of the adjectives and phrases that describe your brand, and align that with your new website design (using UX and UI). Use a target customer or target firm profile to identify the needs and desires of your clients. By identifying these needs, you can determine the new website content you can provide to your clients. We go into detail about website redesigns here.

5. Modify Your Website Funnel

How does your website funnel convert a lead into a customer? How many levels does a lead pass through before reaching a sales consultant? Try to minimize as many steps in your funnel as possible. The more steps in your website funnel, the more likely your leads are to fall a to the wayside. Despite meaning to, you are losing potential leads that could generate more for your business.

Reduce the number of steps in your website forms too. Make it as easy as possible for your leads to get in touch. Consider the example below:

The interactive lead generation form is easier to use and faster than traditional lead generation forms. The progress bar at the bottom also helps encourage leads to complete the form. Use these simple tactics to encourage user interaction with your lead forms.

6. Use an Influencer to Bring in New Traffic

Influencers in your field can bring new traffic to your website. Influencers outside of your field can help bring new leads to your website that expand your audience. Influencers are people who have already created a niche for themselves, and by doing so have a group of followers or fans. Influencers do not need to have millions of fans to have an impact on your business growth.

Grow your business if you own a physical store, by partnering with a local influencer to expand your reach. Use or search for other local groups to leverage the influence there. Partnering with an influencer can grow your business by spreading the word about your services, and introduce you to a new market.

7. Upgrade Your Mobile Experience

In 2016, an average of 87 hours is spent on mobile phones. More purchases are completed on mobile devices than ever before. Users now prefer browsing online stores using their mobile phones and tablets. Although many websites are responsive, few responsive websites provide as fast of an experience as an AMP website.

AMP websites are a new digital trend that use less data, are four times faster, and easier to use for mobile users. AMP websites are a new trend produced by the Google team. Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) improve your user’s mobile experience, and also may improve your organic search rank for mobile users.

How to Grow Your Business: Summary

Which approach will you use to grow your business? Contact us, to learn how your website will grow your business.


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