What is a Website’s Value for Businesses?

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What is Website Value?

Website value is the value your website offers your business. Although website value can encompass quantitative values, we discuss here some of the qualitative values. If your business’ website looks good and isn’t packed with tons of pop-ups, it already boosts your credibility as well as trustworthyness. Such good values of a website boosts its’ sales, therefore also the website’s value for your business. In these days, everyone expects a business to have a responsive and fully-working website that values users and gives them great experience.

Build Your Credibility

In 2014, 81% of shoppers completed online research before making a purchase. That research includes visiting company websites, reviewing testimonials, and comparing different products. When visitors search for your company website, if it is non-existent, then your opportunity for a sale ends there. With a website, it is as if you have a 24/7 salesperson available to sell and market to potential customers. There is no need to hire customer service representatives to stay available to customers throughout the evening or early morning when your website can answer customer questions for you.

Website’s offer new customers insight into your company and build trustworthiness and credibility, especially for small companies. A business can be run by two people, but their website can make it appear as though it is run by fifty people.

Control Your Brand

Sometimes when your business doesn’t have a website, loyal fans will make a website or social media page for you. Unfortunately, these pages are not controlled by your brand. The logos, copywriting, and color scheme may be different than you would desire them to be because you don’t have control over them. When you build your own website, you can better control your brand image and create a consistent sales message across multiple platforms. Create the brand you want people to see.

Stay Accessible to Your Customers

Websites offer your customers accessibility to your sales, service, and support information more easily and at a more affordable cost than live support and sales staff can. Now, instead of having to wait until 8 in the morning, customers can get answers from your company at 3 in the morning or 11 at night.

Customers typically ask similar questions. Track those questions and add them to your website in order to provide potential customers with the value they need. By keeping these answers and information accessible to your customers, you show them that you value them as a priority.

Technology has come so far that AI chatbots are almost a necessity for your business. When your whole team is off work and getting their beauty sleep, chatbots can help out your customers e.g with the closing and opening times or even technical questions.

Save Money Marketing Your Products

When you build an online store instead of a physical store, you save thousands in funding and months of time. Websites are also affordable, fully controllable platforms for marketing your products too. With enough website traffic, you can market your product sales, discounts, and new services on your website’s main page. This makes marketing much more affordable and easy! Instead of spending hundreds or thousands engaging your current fans, your website can make it more affordable to promote the services and products you want most.

Expand Your Business Affordably

Expand your business more affordably using a website. Websites allow you to add new products to your store in a matter of days. You can even test products or services you don’t yet have in stock with your website. By tracking the demand of these new products, you can determine if the business’ expansion into those new areas is reasonable.

You can also use your website to market, hire, and sell internationally. You are no longer limited to the number of stores you can physically redecorate and manage. With the internet, you can create a multi-lingual website that is more affordable than building a physical store in the area. This is a great way to test new market locations without putting in a huge monetary and time investment.

We have the skills to boost your online business’ reliability. As a result, your business becomes more credible, so why not give our teamwork a try? Talk to us. We’re happy to help.

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