AI Chatbots In a Business- How and Why?

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What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a software application that simulates conversation or interactions with real people. Chatbots are, simply put, computer programs that automate tasks. Some chatbots are powered by AI and use data and experience to respond best to a user’s comment or request. Most chatbots are not as evolved as Samantha from the film “Her”, but they are programmed to respond to humans based on what their developers set for them.

What Do Chatbots Do?

In 2019, chatbots will be used to complete repetitive tasks that a sales person or front desk assistant could complete. Ultimately, AI chatbots help users find exactly what they need.

Some chatbot tasks include:

  • Scheduling restaurant reservations for guests
  • Answering simple, FAQs from users
  • Filtering sales leads at the top of the funnel
  • Completing hotel room reservations for guests
  • Alerting followers to news alerts and updates
  • And more…

AI ChatbotsAI Chatbots for Business

1. Engage with Customers in a Fun Way

Some companies are using chatbots to engage customers in a unique and fun way. For example:

  1. Disney invited fans of Zootopia to join Officer Judy Hopps on a detective mission (1)
  2. Marvel invited their fans to chat with the Star-Lord from Guardians of Galaxy 2.
  3. The MedWhat chatbot from WebMD helps better diagnose visitors.

These AI chatbots engage customers with a brand, rather than providing information. This is a great approach to use if you want to help your customers solve a problem or grow brand awareness.

2. Inform Customers and Stay Available

Facebook Chatbots are a great way to inform customers and remain available to them. For example, a Facebook chatbot can help visitors:

Get Answers to Questions:

  • Opening and Closing Times
  • Cost to Ship a Product
  • Answer Simple Questions with Fun Memes

Stay in the Loop:

  • Daily News or Alerts
  • Delivery Time and Date

Assist Sales and Bookings:

  • Reserve a Hotel Room
  • Find Quick Flight Deals
  • Setup Dinner Reservations

We recommend building your own, branded chatbot to fill a need for your customers including placing orders, answering questions, and alerting customers to updates. Chatbots can help make your team more efficient and effective.

3. 24/7 Sales and Technical Support

AI chatbots and Facebook chatbots are both being used to help customers in need of sales or technical support.

For Sales:

Chatbots are a great way to help customers discover the answers to their questions whether a salesman is available or not. Chatbots can help filter out leads that fall away from the top of a marketing funnel as well as are a great way to ensure consistency in the sales process.

For Technical Support:

Chatbots for technical support ask a multiple choice question that allows users to select the choice that relates most to their problem. The chatbot can then further identify the problem to be solved using more simple, multiple choice questions until the problem is solved. This is a great idea for simplifying the workload of many small businesses that offer a service or technical product.

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