Email Marketing Strategies for 2019

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Successful Email Marketing Strategies for 2019

When creating email marketing content for the new year, focus on creating unique and engaging email content. Instead of selling to your customers with every email you send, engage them and build a relationship. Build loyalty through engagement and participation in the company. We have some great ideas for building those relationships with your audience using email in 2018.

Connect Your Audience with Influencers

Your audience signed up for your emails for a reason. They may want more about your products, product discounts, or information about a related topic to your store. Rarely does an email audience anticipate gaining even more value from your emails.

Connecting with an influencer to offer your audience new advice, industry news, or to share their own article is a great way to engage your audience in a new way. Use the influencer’s name in the email subject line to catch your audience’s attention and leverage their fame to grow your business and expand their network.

Incorporate New Media Like Video

Most emails your audience receives include imagery and text. Try to engage your audience in a new way by incorporating video into your emails. Add a video about how your products are made, your team working in the office or store, a how-to video, or another informational video.

This approach can help build your brand’s relationship with your customers. Associating your brand with a face or image, helps your audience better connect with your brand and products over the long term.

Bring Back Transparent, Human Content

At the end of the day, humans connect to humans – not robots. Email and content marketing will make a shift from spamming audiences to connecting with them as people. Analyze the personality of your brand and use that person’s tone to write your emails.

Also consider personalizing your emails based on the receiver’s persona. You should have no more than three buyer personas for your marketing. Send emails with similar messages, but with altered imagery, color schemes, and phrases to resonate more with different audiences (based on their gender, location, age, etc).

Connect Social Media + Email

Social media and email marketing are typically analyzed and used separately. Try connecting both marketing approaches in 2018. You can connect your Facebook and Twitter follower lists to your Mailchimp email lists or you can share similar content on both channels.

Also you can use a Facebook call to action that invites your followers to sign up for your email list on your page. Give it a shot!

Luckily, we also are experts in MailChimp! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s start growing your business in 2019!

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