Key To a Successful Email Marketing Campaign with MailChimp Templates

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Marketing Strategy Brainstorming for MailChimp

So, you are either here to level up your email marketing game or you are looking to get started with a super successful marketing method.

Email marketing is important as it’s still one of the best marketing methods. B2B and B2C businesses both see it as one of the approaches providing the best ROI possible. Most businesses use MailChimp templates for successful email marketing campaigns.

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First of All, What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a great email automation tool for starting your email marketing campaign because you can start sending beautiful emails to your clients. For free!

It also has an easy-to-understand data analytics included for you to understand and see the actual results. As MailChimp Experts, we know the power of MailChimp for email marketing and can make the best of it. We are also very familiar with crafting custom MailChimp newsletters that support your company’s brand and values. You can take a look around MailChimp and learn about the types of email templates and how to even code your own.

The benefits of using MailChimp for beginner email marketers: 

  • Easily connect your e-commerce shopping cart to your emails
  • MailChimp has a variety of analytic tools to help you evaluate your campaigns
  • Easily track your performance with MailChimp’s automatic performance graphs
  • Create beautiful campaigns that can integrate Facebook and Instagram
  • Sending emails to up to 2,000 subscribers for every 12,000 monthly emails are forever free

And the benefits of using MailChimp for expert email marketers:

  • You can automate triggered emails for signups, website views, and online events
  • MailChimp has advanced analytics to track and visualize sales and marketing relationships
  • Track the number of bounces your email had and understand why
  • Share your email campaigns to high volumes of followers
  • Send emails at the best time no matter your customer’s time zone


Email Marketing Ideas to Drive Sales

When creating email templates to convert, consider the content and objectives you want the email to achieve.

For example, some email marketing campaign objectives include:

  • Boosting sales
  • Capturing abandoned cart leads
  • Promoting upcoming services and products
  • Showcasing your behind the scenes process
  • Connecting with your audience
  • Provide industry related news and information
  • Receive survey information and feedback

These higher level email marketing objectives should shift every email to maintain audience engagement. These objectives have underlying content that supports your objective and offers your audience value.

Email Marketing Ideas by Industry

First of all, email marketing campaigns are adaptable to every industry. For industries that don’t practice email marketing, you can be rather innovative and include email marketing into your marketing strategy. Each industry has new ways of connecting with their customers using email. It is especially relevant nowadays to incorporate social media platforms and video marketing to make your emails to clients and customers memorable and unique. Below are email marketing ideas appropriate for each industry.



Consultants can strengthen their emails by providing content and value that their audience craves for. For example, career coaches can offer article content on the approaches for passing an interview or strategies for creating a great resume. A few more email marketing ideas for consulting companies include:

  • Featured guides on choosing the best in your industry
  • Promotional content also related to industry related transitions
  • Brief testimonials from previous clients about your work



Education companies and organizations can use email marketing to educate, alert, and also connect to their followers. Email marketing for education organizations can share emails with their followers about how education can improve their life and careers. Email marketing for this industry can also connect followers with opportunities for growth including related communities, career openings, and informative products. Education marketers can also include content and share emails about:

  • Products, conferences, and books that can support your followers with growth
  • Educational and inspirational videos that can inspire your audience
  • Notices about weekly or monthly events within your organization


Health and Wellness

Followers of websites in the health and wellness industry typically desire content that directly relates to the topic of your product, service, or blog. If your business’s industry is related to weight loss, increased flexibility, or recipes for vegan diets, create content related to that topic. In addition, all of your email content should align with that focus, and support your audience in reaching that goal or dream. You can support your followers by:

  • Share how-to videos also related to your niche
  • Deliver a guide as to why your approach is best
  • Promote new or discounted products and services


Online Business, Ecommerce, and Retail

Online businesses and ecommerce websites that offer services and products to their customer must differentiate themselves from customers in their email campaigns. Typically, it seems like companies can also do this by showcasing their key benefits using social media testimonials or through a quirky story. Showcase your brand and your story:

  • Share your company history with an attractive timeline
  • Explain why your offerings are the best from your mascot’s point of view
  • Capture either abandoned carts or welcome new customers


Hotels and Tourism

Finally, companies selling tourism services should rely heavily on attractive imagery and descriptive language in their email campaigns. To catch your customer’s attention, the sensory experience you provide is important to convey because this is one of the subconscious factors that causes your customers to choose between your company, and a competitor. Sell the dream of travel and tourism by:

  • Share videography of the adventure, luxury, or relaxation your company provides
  • Capture lost leads by also personally connecting with customers that abandoned their shopping cart
  • Share the specials and discounts that come with the low season

How to Make Beautiful Email Templates?

While deciding what content your MailChimp templates should include, also brainstorm how to make that content readable and attractive. Below, we are sharing a beautiful email template example that shows you how to make your content easy to read and appealing.

How to make your own email marketing template?

The example above gives a simple example of what your email templates should include.

Include Your Logo

Include your logo in all forms of communication so that readers can associate your content with your brand. This also helps build the trust between your readers and the email sent. When your audience sees your logo, they will feel more comfortable reading further, because they know it comes from a trusted source.

Include your Logo

Attractive Header Imagery and Videos

Your header graphics should capture how your audience feels when they use your product. For example, if you are a fashion company, how will your shoppers feel when they wear your clothes? Where will they wear your clothes? What experience do they have when wearing your accessories? Use this thought process to create attractive graphics that can excite the part of them that wants to feel or be that way too!

Also align your header graphics with the objective of your email. If your email is informative, you could start your email with a well created how-to video. If your email is meant to capture abandoned carts, you could create a header with short text on the topic.

Conversion Buttons

Conversion Buttons that Convert

Your conversion button should be the trigger your readers pull to get started. Make them a contrasting color to the rest of your email content, so that they stand out and are easy to use. Conversion buttons should directly lead to your website or client page, otherwise your readers will feel distrust and end the process.

Engaging Imagery and Text

Engaging Imagery and Simple Text

When creating MailChimp templates with supporting content, ensure that they have imagery and text that is engaging and indicates what the written content or link is about. If you are sharing new information or showing featured products in your email, then you can use captivating imagery to encourage your readers to click! The text you use to support your imagery should capture the key reasons why your readers should choose to engage with that link.

MailCimp Color Schemes

MailChimp Template Color Schemes

The basic MailChimp templates offered are good examples of the use of color schemes to accentuate certain aspects of your email’s content. Use the complimentary and contrasting colors in your logo to create an email template that reflects your brand. Use the Adobe Color Wheel to gain free inspiration for your email’s color scheme.

Facebook Icon

Social Media Links

Include your company’s social media links in the bottom header or top right corner of your emails. Make the social media icons stylish, easy to view, yet simple. Your readers shouldn’t notice them unless they are looking for them. Typically a light grey, white, or black icon for each link is a great choice.

MailChimp Template Analysis

MailChimp Template Analysis and Implementation

1. Link to your own website

When you create email templates, connect your email content to your website. When you do so, you boost your website’s visits. This causes search engines to identify your website as one that provides value, and your website will rank better.

MailChimp ScreenShot

2. Track your email analysis using MailChimp’s Analytic Dashboard

MailChimp’s Analytic Dashboard offers you a lot of engagement statistics for free. They include open statistics, subscriber reports, your bounce rate, and industry statistics for comparison. These statistics can help you identify certain email content and template styles that will help your emails convert well in the future. Use these analytics to modify your email content and style. You no longer need an additional application to track your email’s response rate because MailChimp makes the process effortless. When you use MailChimp, you don’t need a personal data analyst – the graphs MailChimp creates are the perfect fit.

3. Use MailChimp’s personalization tools to boost engagement

Personalizing emails has increased email open rates from 13.1% to 18.8%. For such a minor adjustment, that’s an excellent rate! By adding your reader’s name into their emails you make them feel like you are writing specifically for them; although, most readers know the email will be sent to many people, the effect is the same – we like to hear our own names. Including your reader’s name into their birthday, welcome, and discount emails makes them feel appreciated.

Email Template Style Examples

The following email template ideas offer inspiration for your email template designs. We see the following templates as an excellent style for showcasing products.

Free Email Template

The following templates can be inspirational for showcasing your services.

Below, we see the following templates as a style appropriate for sharing content.

If doing it yourself seems to big of a hassle and could take up much of your time, we absolutely would love to do it for you with you!
Just drop us a message and we’ll get back to you.

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