Advertising Ideas: Make Your Marketing Campaign Pop

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Advertising Campaign Ideas

Creative and Artistic Ideas

  • Bring Art to the Streets

Sidewalk art promoting your product or service, is a great way to bring attention to your product or service. Everyday people walk to restaurants, work, and to schools along sidewalks. Nowadays, most eyes follow their feet or their phones, so why not break up their routine! By creating engaging art or a message, you can grab the attention of your future customers.

  • Create Branded Mural Art

Most city streets can begin to look similar, especially when we become familiar with a city. As a brand, you can draw more attention to your business, by paying a local artist to create an art mural on a wall nearby your physical store. If you are focused on building your online store, place art murals in the city around areas that your target audience would probably be in.

  • Offer Free Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream, especially when it’s free. Build repertoire with your audience by offering them free ice cream in their favorite hangout spots. Offer a business card or flyer with the ice cream, so the audience can remember who offered them the special gift. This step is perfect for businesses that know their consumer audience extremely well. By knowing your audience, you can know the locations that your audience likes to hang out, and advertise to them unexpectedly.

Social Media Advertising Ideas

  • Create an Online Meetup

Gather your online fans without having to rent out a venue or find a caterer. Online events and meetups can be done using Facebook Live and Google Plus meetups. Using these platforms, you can connect with your audience around the country and the globe. Create an online meetup to discuss how your fans can solve their problems or accomplish their dreams. You can create supporting live content that is relevant to your field in some way to keep your audience engaged and attract new audience members.

  • Share your Content on a New Platform

Do you have a lot of Instagram followers, but have yet to bring your content to Pinterest or Snapchat? Consider expanding your content to new social media platforms. This advertising idea is great for expanding your audience because you don’t have to create excessive amounts of new content. When your social media marketing excels on one platform, it can be easy to translate the same content for a different audience on a similar platform. Although your visual or written content can be the same between platforms, consider minor modifications to adjust your marketing for each specific social media platform’s demographic.


  • Create a Contest or Sweepstakes

Quickly grow your following by creating a fun photo contest or sweepstakes! With sweepstakes, you can easily have visitors “Like” your page in exchange for the chance to win. When the sweepstakes prize is related to your company, you have more validation that the people that liked your page are interested in your company. Create a fan photo or video contest to generate additional fan content that can be used for marketing in the future.

Content Marketing Ideas

  • Create an Online Resource Center

Include a resource center on your website to support your visitors in finding the resources they need. If you have a dog grooming business, create infographics that depict dog grooming tips and other dog related content. If you sell wedding photos, create a short video about choosing an excellent photographer or share a wedding planner checklist. Also consider resources indirectly related to the needs of your clients. After creating the resource center, share it with your audience using email or social media!

  • Invite Influencers to do a Guest Blog Post

By inviting an influencer to complete a guest blog post, you gain access to the influencer’s expertise and audience. Guest blog posts can support your team in generating consistent content. Guest writers bring new perspectives and information to your blog as well. The third benefit of influencer guest posts, is that they are influencers in your field so they already have built their reputation amongst your audience. A single influencer guest post can bring new blog visitors, new subscribers, and more people interested in your product or service.

  • Create Product and Service Guides that Solve Customer Problems

When you solve your customer’s problems, they will be able to trust you to solve other problems in the field as well. Your blog content should support your reputation and brand. When you write in order to answer your visitors’ needs, then you can gain their trust and earn their engagement with your work. For services or B2B companies, offer how-to guides and content that can help visitors make a decision between your service or company, and another’s.

Advertising doesn’t have to be limited to Facebook and Linkedin – start getting creative with these ideas!

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