Website Maintenance Cost: What to Expect

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What is Website Maintenance?

Wise business owners protect their investments. Website maintenance protects business owner’s investment in their websites by maintaining website functionality, performance, and security.

Website maintenance includes two main categories:

  • Design Upgrades
  • Technical Upgrades

Design upgrades include website design improvements that boost sales and highlight special offers. These design upgrades could include:

  • A website redesign
  • Special offer or event banners
  • Discount program banners
  • Website navigation redesign
  • A new website blog section, video section, or store
  • Addition of new products or services to the website

Technical upgrades include changes to your website that keep your website healthy, safe, and risk-free. Typical technical upgrades include:

  • Website hack recovery support
  • Malware recovery support
  • Website security and CMS upgrades
  • Website performance optimization
  • SEO performance optimization and monitoring
  • Website testing
  • Daily website backups


Website Maintenance Costs: What to Expect

Starter: $69/m

  • Best for smaller websites with few changes over time
  • Save time as a small business owner with basic website maintenance

Standard: $149/m

  • Best online store owners that require product additions, sales banners, and new promotional content
  • Perfect for websites visited for information, company updates, and blog content

Premium: $299/m

  • Best for clients that desire 24/7 immediate support
  • Best for clients with high security website needs
  • Enterprise clients who maintain high site performance and security


Our Website Maintenance…


Why Everyone Needs Technical Website Maintenance

All websites need some basic technical upgrades. Website security and performance is crucial to maintaining your company’s online brand and reputation. Basic technical upgrades include CMS updates, site backups, and website testing.

Without monthly website maintenance, website quality begins to decline. A decline in website quality can mean that your website’s rank declines because link and crawl errors abound. A lack of website maintenance can cause your website to lose its aesthetic attractiveness due to broken imagery links and delayed CMS upgrades. Websites that are not maintained leave a negative impression on new customers, and can cause a loss in sales.

Why Outsource Website Maintenance

  • Your time is worth more to your company

As a business owner, you often juggle more than one job position. At any given time, you may be your own marketer, your own salesman, or your own manager. Given the amount of balancing you do every day; it is important to stay efficient with your time so your business can continue to grow. Instead of learning how to update and backup your website each month, you can maintain your focus on gaining new customer leads and expanding your business.

  • Feel confident about your online reputation

When you hand a new lead or customer your company’s business card, do you cringe at the thought of them visiting your website? When your website is well maintained, you feel confident that your website will uphold your business’s reputation.

  • Worry less about your website’s performance

Customers often visit your website to inquire first about your service or products. If your website is not maintained, your store may not be up to date, your contact links may be broken, or your payment modules may not be working. Without website maintenance, you have no team alerting you to these website errors. Luckily, well maintained websites won’t cause these worries to visit business owners at night.

  • Rise the SEO ranks and gain new web traffic

Your website helps attract new customers to your business. Well maintained websites are more attractive to search engines because they provide high quality experiences to visitors. Website maintenance helps your business gain new web traffic and soar past competitors of unmaintained websites.

Learn more about our website maintenance options today!

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