6 Great, Last Minute Christmas Office Gifts

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6 Great, Last Minute Christmas Office Gifts

Gift Ideas for Coworkers

A Targeted Gift Card

An easy gift card choice would be a small card for Starbucks. Although, this approach is even more desirable when you know your secret Santa loves Starbucks. For the movie buff in your office, give them a local movie theater gift card or an Amazon gift card to buy a movie online. Gifts for coworkers should be general, yet personal to be valuable and desired.

A Handmade…Anything


Handmade scarves, mugs, and candy are a great way to show your appreciation for your coworkers without spending as much money. Office gifts that are handmade are also, from the heart. Whether the scarf, sweater, or vase turns out as beautifully as you expected, your coworkers will appreciate the thought put into your creation.

Desk Décor

No gift is more simple and safe than a desk décor gift. This is a great gift for coworkers that you do or don’t know well. For example, a quirky and beautiful gift that fits the personality of your coworker is a great gift idea for coworkers. Gifts for coworkers can be more personalized or creative when they are meant for their desk because everyone’s desk should reflect their personality and interests. Desk décor could include a cute clock, a small plant, a book, or a fun poster.

Gift ideas for coworkers can be by the book or from your imagination. Gift giving does not need to be stressful, remember to have as much fun with the process as they will with the gift.

Office Gifts for Employees

Offer Them Sweets and Treats

Offering your employees a sweet treat at your annual Christmas party. It is a great way to appreciate each of your employees without becoming offensive or exclusive. Although some individuals may have allergies, a branded, high quality bag of chocolates or international treats is always well appreciated. Even if the team member dislikes sweets, they can easily share them with family.

Brand Your Gift

Office gifts for employees should not be about the company, but it does not mean you can’t promote your brand along the way. Adding a company sticker to a bag of candy, the outside of a book’s gift wrapping, or on the box of a new mug is a great way to personalize the gift in a unique way. If the office gift for employees is helpful long-term, then years to come your employees will remember your company when they pick up that beer opener, stapler, or mousepad.

Give Them A Unique Experience

We all remember experiences much more than things. Create a unique experience for your employees by creating an in house scavenger hunt that leads to small gifts, or take your employees to an upcoming concert. Create a unique and memorable experience for your team in order to show them you truly appreciate their hardwork throughout the year.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Office Party

Although gifts for coworkers and office gifts for employees can be difficult to define, take a moment to reflect on the year and your team to create the best Christmas gift for your team. Consider their personalities, interests, and favorite inside jokes. Incorporate these into your gifts and watch the smiles as they cross your employees’ faces.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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