Emergency Web Support: When to Call for Web Maintenance Support

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Wordpress and Drupal Emergency Web Support

Whether you update your website often or not, you may find yourself needing web support.

Websites are like automobiles – they need regular tune ups and support in case something goes wrong. Website maintenance is a must-have. Although, when you find that you are in a pickle without it, there are times when calling in for backup is best.

Below, we’ve listed all the scenarios when you should call for website support – you never know when your website will surprise you!

Web Maintenance Support: Plugin Trouble


Call for web maintenance support if:

  • You update a plugin and the site returns an error page
  • A plugin’s support team discards the plugin
  • After installing a plugin, your website becomes slow

Plugins can bring functionality and design that your website’s theme does not offer. That’s why we love plugins! Although, plugins have a dark side.

In some cases, they can slow down your website, break your website, or corrupt your website’s design. In the case that a plugin breaks your website, it is best to have a high-quality web support team to help put the pieces together again.

Web Maintenance Support: Design Issues

Call for web maintenance support if:

  • Your website’s design has unexpectedly updated
  • Your website imagery no longer appeara
  • Your website’s design is old and dated
  • Your customers cannot navigate your website

A beautifully designed website can create brand memorability, convert more customers, and improve your brand’s reputation. Without proper website maintenance, you can visit your website months later to find that imagery is out of place or has disappeared without help from you.

Web support teams can help identify your website’s pain points and  how to solve the problem.

Web Maintenance Support: Broken Functionality

Call for web maintenance support if:

  • Your page receives an error when you hit the “Update” button
  • Your website has bugs that cause slow page loading (4 or more seconds) – use the Pingdom Speed Test
  • Your site has broken links that lead customers to dead ends – try this Broken Link Checker
  • You notice that your SEO ranking is much lower than it used to be – try this SEO Checklist

A website’s functionality supports a blog, online store, portfolio, and calendar. When a customer clicks on a product link and encounters an error page, your reputation and opportunity for a sale are reduced. Slow websites also reduce the number of site visitors that will stay on your page.

Partnering with a team you can trust helps support you in improving the speed and effectiveness of your website.

Web Maintenance Support: Low Security

Call for web maintenance support if:

  • Your website is behind on CMS updates and backups
  • Your website has been hacked
  • You receive hundreds of unexpected site visitors (a bot is attacking your website!)
  • Your website has a lot of spammer comments

Website security is of the utmost importance. Websites built using some of the largest CMS platforms like WordPress and Joomla are often attacked. Hacked websites must have a website backup. Having a web development team that can support your website’s recovery can help save you time and a headache.

Learn how to start protecting your investment!

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