Email Design Inspiration for Different Industries

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Email Design for Inspiration

Creating a captivating email design for your industry and audience can be challenging. To create a beautiful design, you must create a MailChimp template that aligns with your company, brand and industry. When creating an email template , consider how your emails can stand out for your customers through great content and outstanding email design. The structure of your email design will depend on your content. Identify the content you want to share and your design will follow.

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We’ve combined key email design strategies for four industries below: restaurants, eCommerce, small businesses, and events.

How to make your emails stand out from the crowd?

Sweet Green MailChimp Template Design

Email Templates for Restaurants

Restaurant emails should focus on enticing readers’ senses. Restaurant MailChimp templates should include a lot of imagery that reflects the freshness and vibrancy of your restaurant’s food. The key to successful restaurant email templates is great imagery and of course, the choice of words.

Include imagery of your restaurant’s ambiance and environment to show visitors that they can create the experience they are looking for at your restaurant. Share your seasonal menus with your readers to encourage regulars to try something new on their next visit. Restaurant email design should also include words that support a sensory experience for readers too.


MailChimp Templates for Restaurants

Here are a few of our favorite free MailChimp templates for restaurants:

Free Restaurant MailChimp Templates and Email Design


Email Design Summary for Restaurants:

Include imagery of your latest dishes, seasonal menus and beautiful space to create anticipation for a delectable sensory experience.

Tretorn Green MailChimp Template for Ecommerce

Email Templates for Ecommerce

E-commerce email templates should offer readers content and beautiful product imagery. Ecommerce emails should capture readers’ attention firstly using beautiful product imagery. Retain readers’ attention using great, informative content. Ecommerce businesses should retain readers’ attention by creating content that can help them make purchase decisions.

Ecommerce content is best when it supports readers’ in informing themselves about future purchase decisions. Your ecommerce content can also support readers in better understanding the benefits and competitive advantages of your product or service – use your content to stand out in the crowd!


MailChimp Templates for Ecommerce

These are our favorite free MailChimp templates for online ecommerce businesses:

Ecommerce MailChimp Templates and Email Design


Email Design Summary for eCommerce :

Use stunning product imagery to capture your readers’ initial attention and hold their attention with great, informative content.

Cupcake Business MailChimp Template

Email Templates for Small Businesses

Small business email designs should showcase new products and services from your business. Small businesses thrive on reoccurring customer purchases, so it is important to capture that potential by enticing them with new, fresh items.

In the example above, the Magnolia Bakery captivates their audience with sales and alerts about new products. Share product or service discounts to long time customers, and alert your subscribers to product discounts and business sales. Most subscribers want to know when your products are on sale, but you can’t expect them to visit your website often enough to know otherwise.


MailChimp Templates for Small Businesses

Some of our favorite free MailChimp templates for small businesses:

Free Small Business MailChimp Templates and Email Design


Email Design Summary for Small Business:

Use your email templates to “nudge” customers to make new purchases through sale alerts and personalized discounts.

Voodoo MailChimp Template

Email Templates for Events

Event emails should build eagerness and anticipation around the culminating event. This can be created through a number of approaches. If your event has occurred previously, share testimonials, videos, and imagery from previous events that can recreate that positive memory in your subscribers’ minds. Generate excitement about the event by sharing sneak peeks of the event from key speakers or entertainers.

Alternatively, event emails can offer answers to visitor questions. Make event attendees more prepared for their attendance by sharing more additional information and sharing tips with them to get the most out of the event.


MailChimp Templates for Events

Our favorite free MailChimp templates for events:

Free Event MailChimp Templates and Email Design


Email Design Summary for Events:

Generate as much buzz and excitement for the event as possible by sharing videos, images, testimonials, and imagery with your followers.

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