PrestaShop Development

User-friendly, easy to learn interface
Perfect for SMEs
Great for Online Promotions and Newsletter Campaigns

PrestaShop is feature rich

eCommerce web stores are required to provide their customers a variety of functionality. Luckily, PrestaShop allows for a wide variety of eCommerce functionality that supports business owners in everyday store management:

  • Create and manage products
  • Offer a variety of payment & shipping methods
  • Configure filters, sorting, and pagination
  • Configure a one page checkout
  • Market special offers and products
  • Reduce abandoned carts
  • Manage store SEO, and more…


adapts to a variety of industry needs

PrestaShop suits for a variety of industries including retail, travel, hospitality, fashion and more. PrestaShop ecommerce stores can be customized with fresh, custom designs and functionality that can create a unique and simple shopping experience for your customers.


flexible payments and ads


PrestaShop integrates well with a variety of different payment methods like Paypal, Visa, EPS, American Express, and MyBank. This makes estore conversions easier with over 190 different payment providers available. 

You can also easily incorporate Google Ads into your PrestaShop store to better showcase your products and acquire new customers. Connecting your store inventory to the Google Merchant Center and setting up your first ad campaign is straight forward and easy!


PrestaShop suits well for

  • Small to medium sized stores (up to 1,000 orders a day)
  • Ecommerce stores without the need for a lot of content management
  • Ecommerce stores focused on key ecommerce functionality (e.g. ordering, refunds, etc)
  • Stores that do not need a lot of customization


  • PrestaShop Theme Design
  • Custom PrestaShop Development
  • Custom Module Development


  • Run multiple stores from the same Admin panel
  • SEO Friendly (meta titles, descriptions, and SEO-friendly URLs)
  • Easy to learn admin interface


  • Integrate with Paypal, Stripe, Skrill, and more
  • Abandoned cart capture
  • Special offer and product highlight functionality

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