HTML5 Game Development

Why Gamification?

Long Term Engagement
Inform Your Audience
Brand Awareness
Creative Entertainment

help customers choose

“When you give people too many choices, it makes them hesitate and not buy stuff.” – Guy Kawasaki

Offer your clients a quiz or short game to offer them 24/7, personalized decision making support.

HTML5 Game Ideas:

  • A quiz to guide clients to the product line best for them
  • An assessment to pinpoint your client’s needs
  • A visual guide of how your product or service is made


differentiate yourself

A unique animated game can help differentiate your brand from your competitors through fun, creativity, and engagement.

  • B2B service companies use HTML5 games to educate visitors and highlight company differentiators.
  • B2C businesses use HTML5 games to help customers identify the product to perfectly meet their needs.

By emphasizing your company’s benefits and filling your customer’s needs, you leave a memorable impression.


engage customers and share your brand

Create an HTML5 game that fills a need for your customer, and they will be happy to spread the word about your tool to new customers too!

For example, an online flooring store created a free tool to help customers select a flooring type, size, and that is best for them. New customers flocked to their website to use the tool, and thanks to their positive experience they chose to make a purchase from the company too.

If you have a project in hand and you feel that we could make wonders working together, take a second and just get in touch with us!