Cinema “Sõprus”


Client: Cinema “Sõprus” / Kino Sõprus


Type: Drupal Development

Cinema “Sõprus” (Kino Sõprus) is a legend on its own – as the oldest existing cinema in Estonia it is continually considered as the only real art-house cinema, due to its non-mainstream and quirky film selection.

Their biggest triumph is the knowledge of the “Kino Sõprus” brand among the audience and that this cinema has served its audience well for 57 years. Kino Sõprus has regained its street credibility as a Cinema where no compromises are made.

“We have been working together with Limegrow for years. Together we built up a new website for a cinema and also made some new developments come to life along the way. The Limegrow team always helps to think together with us, and without a doubt puts in a swift, constructive effort. They are always up to speed with their deadlines and consistently keep their promises.”

– Kristel L., Cinema Sõprus

The Why

Key objectives

Three key areas were kept in focus throughout this project’s development: 1) Make cinema information as accessible as possible for visitors, 2) Make the site manageable for anyone on the cinema’s team, and 3) Connect the website with the MailChimp newsletter service.

Upon meeting with Kino Sõprus (Cinema “Friendship”), our team supported the cinema’s quirky, yet lovable character throughout the site’s development by maintaining consistent brand awareness and communication with the team.

The What


After a thorough assessment of the client’s needs, we chose Drupal as the platform for the new website. Drupal was chosen to provide flexibility to the client for current and planned features of the new website. The previous website was built using WordPress and all the site data was migrated.

The new website has multiple languages, and is based in a flexible platform for the future extendability.

The What

Data Migration

The cinema’s prior website contained a lot of outdated film data. A custom, Movie Archive was built in order to store his old data while also making room for future movies. All movie data was migrated to the new website.

The What

MailChimp newsletter

Cinema Friendship shares new information with their followers each week including the film schedule for the week, upcoming movies, upcoming events, and more.

In order to make it easy for the client to stay in touch with their fans, we created a full newsletter solution, using MailChimp.

By creating a multilingual MailChimp newsletter template the cinema can designate newsletters to be shared with the right customers. By setting up their account, importing their contacts, and integrating MailChimp with their website, we were able to help Cinema Friendship with their initial email campaigns.

The What


The Cinema Sõprus website has evolved to support their customers and  their needs. Visitors now have an online area to see the latest information about previously screened and upcoming movies. By working with the Cinema Sõprus we were able to provide collaborative solutions to a extremely creative and passionate team.

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